Comments from Fans - drop me a line

Jim, the wife and I heard you last weekend at Lil Paws Winery. You performed “Puff” and did a great unpracticed version of "Southern Accents" at our request! We bought your CD "All The Time". A  very moving CD (I’ve nearly worn it out already). We see a lot of musicians locally and at wineries... you are by far and above our favorite. Look forward to seeing you again. Music makes everything better.

Shannon & Brenda Kays

Jim is a marvelous storyteller & truly talented musician. Last night he established an immediate rapport with the audience, steering song selections & stories to our crowd. Within minutes he had everyone laughing & kept them in his thrall through the evening, effortlessly moving from entertaining numbers to tenderly beautiful pieces. Most of the songs he performed were originals, plus several covers perfect for the evening. Jim has been a joy to work with both planning & concert night.


Laura Weldon


I had the great fortune of hearing you play last Friday night in Akron, and it was one of the best evenings of acoustic music I've been to in a long time! The variety of music, the stories, your beautiful vocals and guitar work were all inspiring. I bought your "Live" CD and it has found a home this week in my car CD player. As a lifelong singer, a very basic guitar player, and a fledgling songwriter, I have taken so much inspiration and enjoyment from your music. I am really looking forward to hearing you again. Thank your for being out there and doing what you do so well!

Beth Gardner

I feel compelled to let you know how much Patty & I enjoyed last night's performance at VVV. We've been away for far too long but last night was stellar. Thank you for a wonderful night and please let Kim and Sky know you bring joy to those of us who take you away from them.

Thanks again,

Randy Schwab


You have a very special and pleasing talent. Just keep it up. That being, providing quality and personal music, and your thoughts, to your audiences. Your presentations, your performances are quality and so very special.


Jeremy Elliott


I've been meaning to send you an email about your CD--I can't stop playing it!!!! It's on continuous play in my car, and then when I get to Biko I have to play that like 4 times in a row. Some favorites that I haven't heard in years--Sail Away and Telephone Line. ELO was my favorite when I was young. And that song Let Her Go--I've never liked that song. Now I do. Outstanding work.


Debby Biro


Just listened to complete New Old Songs CD.

You made some great selections….and translations of these songs are mysterious and refreshing.

Anybody buying this CD is going to say…”are you kidding me???”….getting more than their money's worth…17 great songs translated in the Gill style.

This ranks up there with your best.

Proud of you man.


Tim Cole


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the new CD! I listened to the whole thing twice through, and it made for some very pleasant driving. Your rendition of "Wichita Lineman", in particular, blew me away! I had forgotten how pretty that song was! I can't wait for Diane to hear it! I loved Sky's flute solo on "Sail Away," too!


Kevin Palm


I have been listening over and over to your CD. You do not fail to turn music around and give it feeling. Your songs portray an emotion that no other singer/songwriter does. Yes, I love others, but when I listen to your songs it brings out what I look for in the music I want to hear.

You managed to do those old songs in a new way. I especially love, "Let Her Go", no kidding! You make it much better then Passenger who sings it. I think it is in your voice and how your guitar sounds. I do not give out great reviews easily but you have earned them in my book. It is always a pleasure to sit and listen to your music. I will see you sometime again.

Thank you for your friendship and the music. Always a pleasure–

Tony Padgett


I was told by some friends who saw you last month at Vermilion Valley to check you out. I came tonight frankly not expecting too much. But WOW! Your percussionist (Tim?) was awesome. And you were more than advertised!  I sat in the back with my friend (I was the one with the bright sweatshirt) and we were blown away. I never expected to see that kind of show at a winery. You guys rocked it. I will definitley be back. Thanks for the schedule. See you next time!




To call the event at the Kruse Barn Friday night a concert does it a huge disservice. Trust me, the event was no mere concert.

Yes there was food, but we didn't come to eat; yes there was drink but we didn't come to drink; and yes, there was the music we came to hear, but there was more..... much, much more. This event was a gathering of family and friends, both young and old, to celebrate and uphold the joys of life; we came to witness Jim Gill, our Celebrant, and Ted Lamarsson, his able sidekick share their gifts and talents with us. In doing so, we, in turn, shared with Jim and Ted our love of and gratitude for their lives, their talents and the songs and stories they tell.

In centuries past these gatherings were the norm; the way of life. Sure we enjoyed arriving by car rather than cutter and horse and the music is more entertaining with amplification and "loopers", But for a few hours one October night we drifted back to an earlier way of life. We enjoyed a barn with no hope of keeping out the night breezes surrounded by horse, alpaca and a trio of dogs who visited the stage on a whim and chimed in on cue as one song changed to another all the while begging for a tidbit here and there. Our focus was on the song; on friends around us and many friends not with us. The stories were Jim's and Ted's, but they were ours as well. Stories that told of how our paths have crossed with theirs and each other; the good and not so good and the lessons learned and still trying to be understood. Stories of birth, love, marriage, family, life and death. Stories in song that make us remember things we often try to forget and, in doing so, learn to live with those memories a bit better than before.

Yes folks, this truly was more than just a concert - thanks Amy!

Craig Lanham

We loved having you here (at the Fairview Park Libary concert series)! I will be in touch regarding a future date for another performance.
I haven't laughed so hard in ages! (I was laughing at your stories, not your musicianship!)

Regina Stopper

Considering the circumstances (busted guitar!), your gig was outstanding. Glad we were there. Some of your eastside gillbillies told us they were going to try to make it out to see you at Vermilion Valley in a couple of weeks. Last, but not least, the Live at Lock 3 CD is your best ever. If anybody associated with the big-time music industry ever hears it, you'll be gone and we'll have to travel across the country and pay a couple hundred bucks a ticket to see you perform. "Sky" is so awesome on your new CD that my eyes seriously got a little misty listening to it. Teri and I will wear that CD out and have to buy another in no time.

Groupies forever,
Teri and Fred Cassell

We saw you this evening for the first time. We live in Fairlawn and have been to Wolf Creek just a couple of times before but we will be back to see you. My husband and I were fairly dumbstruck by your "fanbase" but then we understood why. Great songs! We bought 2 CD's and look forward to seeing you next month. I especially connected with your lullaby "I'll See You In Dreams". It meant a lot to me. Thanks for a great evening of music!

Bridgette and Mark

A  couple of weeks ago Jim Ballard posted on Jim Gill's Facebook page about his new recording... so I bought one and loved it. There are some treasures in those grooves! Thanks for the fine music! "All the Time" and "Blue" ... check 'em out!

Alex Bevan


You were so ON Saturday nite. Your Family in the house. Lots of your followers. They were in a CD purchasing mood. Your timing and song/story mix was superb. I wish the whole gig would have been recorded. You were at the top of your game. People did not want to go. That is the best sign of a great gig.

That gig is your bench mark. And it is confirmation of your gifted abilities.

Have a great week.

Tim Cole

(drummer from Molkie Cole)

Listening to your music –I bought two CD's that night (in Kent at the Music Around Town show). I was reading the CD Jim Gill Live Vol. 1 , and I see you have played from Ohio to Vermont. I am planning to move to Vermont. I am headed up to there in October. I have been going to Vermont since 1973. I am retired and finally going to make the move.
I will see you around here in one of the wineries. And hope to see you in Vermont some time. I love your music, thank you for the laughs, the great folk music, the stories. Take care and see you soon out there.

Tony Padgett

Wanted to drop a line and found myself caught up in some of the fan mail. Wow, you’ve got to feel pretty wonderful after reading some of those comments! It’s like this collective appreciation for someone who makes you feel so “at home.” You could be sitting in any one of our living rooms with your guitar, mesmerizing us with your voice, and engaging us with your stories and jokes. I’m so glad I was able to talk my sister into joining me at Drake’s. I’ve been missing your music, but too shy to venture out to the wineries alone. Next time, heck with it, I’ll be there with all your other fans eager to partake in what inevitably will be a great night. Thanks for a most pleasurable evening (long overdue). See you next time!

Mari (as in “belle”) Jusino
P.S. Break out the Gillbillies Tees and Tanks!

You sounded awesome as usual (at the Great Lakes Burning River Fest) and we were so happy you were there! It made our night as well! Hope to see you soon.

Matt & Shelli Reed

Your CD's are out of this world. I truly had no idea. I can't wait to get you back out to the winery so I can take the evening off and actually listen! We really appreciate that you play our place. It is amazing.

Thanks again!

Nick Miller

Barrel Run Crossing Winery

Rootstown, OH

Enjoyed your performance at Barrel Run Crossing Winery on Saturday night. You always do such a great job of entertaining the crowd! Hope to see you again out there or somewhere nearby!

Kathy Sluzewski

Your writing erupts like thunder. Thoroughly enjoyed the show at Wolf Creek tonight. Thanks for puttin' the music out there for the rest of us!

Kevin T.

Just wanted to say thanks for a very entertaining night under the stars. It was a beautiful night to play outside. Enjoyed the new material very much.

I wish I had though to take some promo pictures of you guys on the deck!

See Ya next time,

Dale Bliss

Greene Eagle Winery

Cortland, OH

We had been looking so forward to having this house concert for many months. It was everything we'd hoped for and MORE! Thanks to you and Cathy for making it such a great event!!

As I always say, "Love you guys"!!!

Teri Cassell

As always we enjoyed the concert at Fat Abby's. An interesting little place. I think the Gillbillies crowded out some of the regulars that night. The pizza was almost as good as the music and the pizza was very good.

Stan King

I'm so thrilled to hear Jim Gill and Cathy Miller play! Good wine and ambiance and amazingly, breathtaking, uplifting music! Good way to chase away the winter blues!

Marcia Martin

I just want to tell you that we LOVE, LOVE... your new CD. It's awesome! You are an incredibly gifted singer and song writer. And, Cathy is a great compliment to your duo. I think because we are the same age, I can relate so well to your stories. I really think I could have been the "girl swayin' on your shoulders to Marshall Tucker's Band"!!

I'm so glad our kids came out to see you last Friday at Paper Moon. The fact that they were there and you and Cathy were playing made it a real special birthday for me.

So glad Fred and I stumbled upon you last year. I am not sure just how big you want to be, but I know to many of us, you are almost there.

Happy New Year & All the Best to You and Your Family!

Teri Cassell

The new CD sounds great!

Some of the best yet! - Of course, that doesn't mean we don't thoroughly love the old ones - just having more of your music is great.

Craig & Susan Lanham

My wife and I were curious to check out the cool new place for music in Ellet. What a great decision to stop for 'ballads and beer' at the new Acoustix Cafe. You and Cathy Miller put on a show worthy of much more than what we were able to drop in the tip box.

Thanks for a great night of music and the exceptional talent the two of you possess!

Ron in Akron

I think you are one of the great performers in Ohio!!! Maybe the World!!!!!

Tom Ball

Just Plain Folk Internet Radio Show

Susan and I found Friday night's evening at the Acoustix Cafe a real treat. Based on an earlier visit to the Cafe we suspected the venue would be reminiscent of Scott's Folkatorium - it certainly has that flavor though much more classy and inviting. We predict great things from this place - can't wait to see you back there.

It was good to see that many of our mutual friends and your fans found their way to this venue.

But most important, it was great to see both of you! It had been awhile since we were at one of your concerts, so, Susan and I were really looking forward to an evening of your music - which you provided in your usual style and excellence. It was wonderful - thanks!

Craig and Susan Lanham

You played my favorite song EVER, Thunder Road by Springsteen. It was AWESOME! I've never heard it played in a bar before and I loved it! Thank you so much. You're a real treat.

Heather Moke

Old 97 Cafe

What a nice show yesterday (at Lakewood Library). Danny and I got a charge out of your stories!

Tiffany Snyder Fox

Thank you very much for bringing your program to Sunday with the Friends at Lakewood Public Library Auditorium. Sunday's audience was enthusiastic and appreciative. It's always a treat to provide our audiences with outstanding musicians like yourselves in a free venue.

Elaine Rosenberger

Lakewood Public Library

Great people, great music, great food (at the Reed House Concert) –a wonderful venue to enjoy the sounds created by Jim and Cathy! We looked at each other when you sang, "I Was Lonely" and both of us had tears –reminds us how grateful we are to have each other and know the pleasure of being members of the "Gillbillies" group! Love hearing the stories.

Patti Hochstetler

So glad to have had you and Cathy play. I appreciate your professionalism and your musical talent. It is immediately apparant that you and Cathy are seasoned pros! It is also obvious that you enjoy what you are doing and that the two of you play so well together.

I will keep you and Cathy on my radar when I get back to focusing on the fall and winter line up.
Have a great summer!

Thanks again for a great show-

Bonnie Flinner

Owner, Prosperity Social Club

Great show (at Prosperity Social Club). Fabulous as always!

Maureen Manning Allison


Each performance surpasses the one before…what an amazing presence and outstanding talent you and Cathy bring to everyone lucky enough to be in the audience (at Maize Valley Winery)!

Patty Stevic

Best concert (New Life Church) I've seen in a long time! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me after the show. It was really nice meeting you.


Once again you made our night. Your show at Mastropietro Winery was amazing. It was our first time seeing you with Cathy and you both were fantastic. We will be seeing you both again real soon.

Your #1 fans Matt and Cindy

Great performance (at New Life)! Really enjoyed it. Next year I'm going to bring wiener water soup and peanut butter essence and jelly sandwiches for the refreshments!

Kelly Mackey

Not sure if it was because it was your birthday, the location or the warmth of the audience, but you guys nailed it last night (at Mastropietro Winery). Lovely performance.

Cindy Timko

Great show (at Mastropietro Winery)! We really enjoyed the new material along with the ones we've come to know. You and Cathy are really becoming a team, kind of like John Gorka and Lucy Kaplansky.

John Ciccarelli

Been meaning to tell you how much Annette and I enjoyed your show in the Alley at the Kent Folk Festival. Yes, that was me, the Recorderman. Your musical partner, Cathy Miller, is a fantastic addition to your act!

Jim Tinter

Fantastic show last night (at the Winery at Wolf Creek). My sister-in-law and her husband really enjoyed your music as well.

Kevin Palm

The show in West Virginia (Wheeling Jamboree radio concert) was great! I listened to the feed from your website and you sounded great. Cathy is awesome.

I will try for the Barking Spider next week.

Jim Murphy

We were delighted to enjoy your music again (at The Ritz Theatre in Tiffin). It is such a wonderful memory for us. We do want you to know that Cathy is indeed a blessing for you and your songs. Together, you make wonderful music.

Our love,
Bonnie and Jim Boroff

We'd seen you at a concert near Youngstown during the summer and were amazed at your talent. So you'd think we'd have been prepared for your show at Maize Valley (Winery) this past weekend –but still it blew us away! The fiddle player, Cathy, I think, is awesome. We're hoping they bring you guys back to Vienna for next summer. We will bring a boat load with us!! Thanks for a great evening.

Doug and Nancy T.

Tonight (at Maize Valley Winery) was just awesome Jim. You were right on the money and Cathy was just as awesome. The two of you connected with every song you played. The new arrangements you played tonight for us were just like the two of you had been playing together for years.

Dana Ray

You rocked the house tonight (at Paper Moon Vineyards)! Or should I say the lawn?! Anyhow, you were awesome! So glad we were able to see you perform.

Patty Hales

It was a pleasure meeting you (at Paper Moon Vineyards) and anytime we are in the crowd you are more than welcome to poke fun at us. We really enjoyed your music and hope to see you again real soon.

Tom Mowles

Just wanted to say that Sunday night was the best of the summer concerts in Bay Village. The weather was and no rain, and you were great. I will be making a request for BAYarts to invite you back next summer. Fade to Black is a great song. Doc's viola sounded sooo good in that setting. I also liked all the songs using your 12 string. Thats a great acoustic sound.

OH, my wife wanted you to know that it was her (Vicki) that requested the "wiener water soup" story. We first heard you tell that at Mill Hollow in Vermilion. Every time we think of the story we get a picture of your mom and dad in our minds. Your song with your dad last night was indeed special.

Hope my wife and I can catch you at Paper Moon Vineyards in September or October.

Bob Sprague

I'm so glad we came out to the winery this evening to see you (at Greene Eagle Winery). Some of our friends saw you at a concert in Vienna. They were gushing about you and now I see why. You're amazing. What a voice! I was happy to see you're coming back in October. We will definitely see you then!

Kathy and Mark from Warren

Last Saturday at Maize Valley was our first time enjoying your music and humor. I think my wife and I are the couple referred to in the other post. (You did Tupelo Honey for my wife). We hope to get up to Greene Eagle on the 20th. I've been enjoying your cds, in fact, I'm listening to Under Cover as I write this.

John Ciccarelli

We finally made it out to one of your shindigs at the Red Horse Winery. It's been way too long since we've been to one. It was a great show. Cathy Miller on the fiddle was fantastic. She's a real complement to your show. Good stuff.

We really enjoyed the evening.

Two long lost Gillbillies,
Stan & Judy King

Tonight was awesome (at Maize Valley Winery). You were pretty much on top of your game and Cathy Miller's fiddle complemented you very much. She was right in tune every step of the way.

You did make new fans out of the one couple that was near us. Your Bob Seger cover was the icing on the cake.

Please let Sky know how much we enjoyed seeing her in front of the Mic again. We love to hear her sing with you.

Dana Ray

Thank you for the poster- it will look great in my game room.

I must tell you how much I enjoy Cat's Cradle - I had not heard it until Sunday (at the concert in Vienna) and combined with the acquired knowledge of the back story - it is clearly one of my favorite songs.

Tom Bielawski


Hey, Jim! We really enjoyed your shows at Burning River Fest on Saturday!

Kevin Palm

God dang, bro! You rocked the house (at Burning River Fest) from stem to stern! Had a freakin' ball listening to you and your band! Git me your schedule!!

Tracy McFadden

Many thanks for the performance at Mill Stream Park in Valley City, July 15th. You and "Doc" Dreyfuss are an outstanding duo.

Judith Parish

Holy cow!! My girlfriend and I saw you last night (at the Winery at Wolf Creek) and you blew us away! It was my first time seeing you but I now condsider myself a groupie. I hope that doesn't scare you. I actually drove around the block several times to finish lsitening to the CD on the way home. Be sure to send me your schedule. You know I will see you again!!!

Zoe T.


Hi Jim, This is Lenny, enjoyed your music and great sense of humor (at Wolf Creek)! We sat at the table behind you last night so you didn’t see us until we were leaving. Hope to see and hear you again, real soon.

Have a great 4th!

Lenny Schmidt

U. of A.

Hey Jim! It was great meeting you last night at Wolf Creek. I loved your music and I'm SURE I'll see you again soon! I was on my best behavior last night, but look out next time! LOL!

Susie Stech

Thank you for coming out and playing (at Firstone Park). I heard a lot of good things about you. You were wonderful! Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

Jim Stangel

Organizer/Firestone Park Summer Concerts

I enjoyed your concert tonight (at J.B. Firestone Park in Spencer, OH) and so did my daughter. Your opening number was great fun and it was followed by many other delightful stories and songs. Sometime before you go back to the Wheeling Jamboree again, I'd like to tell you a few things about it that you might be able to use.

Many thanks–

Nancy Sprowls

Medina County Arts Council

I caught your act at the Rock Hall Saturday morning. Actually you were in the park behind the Rock Hall but whatever. (I was the one in red shorts that said you sound like a combo of Gordon Lightfoot and Jim Croce!) Thanks for disrupting my morning run in a most surprisingly pleasant way. I ended up sitting on that wall for 45 minutes listening to you. You have such a soothing sound. Even your hard hitting songs are smooth. I appreciate the performance schedule and I hope to catch you at one of those wineries soon. (I'm lovin' the live CD!!)

Pamela T.


We've heard about you from friends but have never actually caught your act until we saw you at Red Horse Winery on Saturday night. You were better than advertised and that, my friend, is rare indeed. Awesome talent and more fun than we expected. Catch you again soon!!

Rich and Tina

Cindy and I loved your show in Vermilion a few weeks ago (at Paper Moon Vineyards). Even though you said you weren’t feeling well you still sounded great and made our weekend. Thanks also for the bootleg CD I love the song Aint Life Grand, that’s now one of my favorite songs. We will see you soon. Thanks!

Your two biggest fans-

Matt and Cindy

Spent last Saturday with Tom and Shannon. After 9 hours mulching they brought Jeff and me dinner. We sat on our patio and listened to your CD! Sipped on some wine... it was very nice and like you were there with us. We're packing the place in July when you come back to Greene Eagle Winery!!

Patricia Conner Hovanic

Just wanted you to know that we had a great time when you were at Wolf Creek Winery. My wife and I sat at table 6, and were the ones that told you that you weren’t starting late!

Enjoyed your song with Sky. (We gave her a tip not you for that one.)

Hope to see you again soon–

Lenny from U. of Akron

My friend enjoyed your show last night (at Wolf Creek) - wonderful, as always! Thank you for sharing your music. We love everything you do!

Terri Young Peters

Had fun the other night (at Matus Winery). We enjoy your music a lot. We would like to try to get you to one of the events down here this summer in Loudonville. i will let you know as soon as i have an idea of some dates. Take care and see you somewhere soon.


Just wanted to say that we (table 2) really enjoyed the show on Friday at Matus Winery. One of the people that was with us was really cold and the other was really tired so they decided it was time for us to go...I guess that happens when we get old, can't stay out too late, pretty soon we will be hitting the early bird specials and eating dinner at 4:30 in the afternoon so we can be in bed by 6:30.

My sister and I listened to the CD of cover songs on the way home. Anyway it was a lot of fun and one of these days we are going to catch your show at the Irish pub that you talk about on your website.


I can't get over your performing and voice.  It is rich and deep. Your performances are layered with a lot!  I really enjoy them's pure enjoyment.

Sara Jean

I LOVE your songs – stories – everything! It was really tough listening to you (at the Barking Spider Tavern) and not playing along!!

Bruce Locke


Those of us lucky to be at Viking Vineyards this last Sunday could, to the accompaniment of bubbling water, jumping fish and singing birds, sit back on a warm summer evening, close our eyes to the setting sun and listen to you charm us with your music and song.  What a treat.  Thanks so much!

Craig & Susan Lanham

Hello! Mike and I really enjoyed your music. It was such a great day! It was a real pleasure meeting you! Thank you for sharing your music and humor with us. Mike and I look forward to seeing you again at the winery!!!

Salem, Oregon

Kim and I can not express how much we enjoy your music and personality. This show at our home featuring your musical talent and humor would have well been worth it if it had only been Kim and I, but to have our family, friends and neighbors to share it with made it all the better. We spent a good part of yesterday cleaning up while listening to the CD's that you so graciously provided. These new live recordings will now go on my Ipod and travel the world with me. When I am away from home and a little home sick, it is your songs and music that keep me going. I also want to thank you for the dedication from my Polish friend, Jacek. It made the song, and the concert, very personal for me. To share his feelings and comments, in front of all to hear, shows just how strong his friendship is from so far away. I heard nothing but positive comments. Some were frankly surprised that we were able to provide such a musical talent at our home and asked if this could become an annual event. I am up for it if you are.

Earl and Kim Stone

Hosts of the Stone House Concert

I am still in a state of disbelief about the magic of the show on Sunday. I am a huge fan of John Bassette and knew of the tribute show back in November when I met Jim Ballard and he told me of it. They originally hoped to have it in January and I've had to wait a couple extra months. It was well worth it!

It was truly an honor to meet you.

Joe Erste

President/Cleveland Entertainment Coalition

You should know that I wanted you on both the CD and at the John Bassette Tribute Concert because I have great respect and admiration for you as an artist, a performer and as a human. I've always said that if I were in any position at all to do some artists some good, I would. So part of my agenda in all this (John would approve) was to bring to light good and talented and intelligent artists (before they die). Memorial tributes are good, but I'm sure you'll agree that its nice to stand on stage and soak it in while you're alive.

Judging by the audience response for your set, I think you will garner more fans.

Take care

Jim Ballard, Producer/Musician

Skylyne Studios

The concert at the Beachland Ballroom truly was a special event to witness for music lovers like Polly and myself. What a great gathering of songwriters and performers to honor the memory of one of their own. We are so glad to know that you are a part of the inner circle of these talented people. You must feel proud to have been included. It was a special treat to see how spellbound the audience was while you performed!

Barry & Polly

Wow, what a show!

It was great to see a live show of Who's Who in the Cleveland music scene. I was proud for you that you were part of the John Bassette concert.

It was pleasing to have such a big and attentive audience.

Kim's got a great, big, loud whistle and that was especially for you. Fade To Black (one of my favorites), and the John Bassette song with Mike Swan, were just great.

Earl Stone

Hey nice job last night (at the Beachland Ballroom)! Also, that Mike fellow really did a nice solo on "Oh How I Miss You." It was a nice arrangement and seemed very spontaneous and alive, in a cool, unrehearsed kind of way.

Again, nice job

Saw you at the Bassette benefit,  you did a great job!  Fade To Black is a fine tune!!

Guitar Guy John

People really enjoyed your songs and your beautiful, warm voice. We really enjoyed having you... great show!

Kim Rice Wilson


Six String Concerts

Your musical performance and stories were better than Mary G's act last night at Six Strings in Columbus. I bought all of your CDs that were offered -- and appreciate your being. I have not had the heart to watch The Laramie Project, and especially appreciate your CD.
Looking to cross paths again.

We actually travelled from Pittsburgh to Columbus to see Mary Gauthier at the Six String Concert so your act was a pleasant surprise. I'd like to know if you plan on coming through Pittsburgh to play! Great show, thanks!!

Deb Guerra

Wow! That was a fantastic show at Coffee Amici last night! We all had a great time, thanks for coming to Findlay! Take care and drive safe during your travels.


Thanks again for the (Avon Lake) house concert! We've already listened to your CD several times.

Mike Reighard

It was a great evening (at the Avon Lake House Concert) –just what the doctor ordered!

Amy Boyd-Kirksey

Jim Gill is a singer/songwriter/guitar player/storyteller extraordinaire! His stories about growing up with seven sisters in an Irish Catholic family were hilarious. His songs, based on life experiences, were sensitive, funny, and musically engaging. Jim played six- and twelve-string guitars as well as harmonica. Occasionally he used a looping device so that he could sing both lead and harmony parts. Almost all of the songs were originals, and all of them were outstanding. Jim has a rare talent for engaging the audience, and a house concert is the ideal venue for this.

Numerous audience members expressed interest in seeing more of his performances, and asked to be notified when we have Jim back for another concert. We plan to do just that.

Tom Fleming

Huntingwood House Concerts

We really enjoyed your performance Saturday night at Maize Valley and will follow your career as it progresses. We have put your web link into our favorites for easier access!

Bill and Kathy Karam

You're incredibly talented! I was glad to finally have met you. I checked out your website this weekend, and all I could think of was "thank goodness I took the time to see him Saturday at the Book & Bean because before you know it, this guy is going to be big and I won't be able to get anywhere near him to meet him."  You're extremely gifted in writing, storytelling and entertaining.  That's one thing right there. But, then you can sing and play the guitar, too. I can't tell you when I have had a more delightful evening.
I'm sure I'll see you again!
Sandy Neeson

You are one great performer! We always look forward to seeing you.

Larry & Mary Ann Jurca

My husband and I very much enjoyed your show. We loved the stories and the songs; the venue (Book & Bean) was so nice -- casual and comfortable. We didn't have to strain to hear you above a raucous bar crowd. We hope to see you again in January. Thank you for the enjoyable night!
Michelle & Jim Todd

It was great seeing you at the Book & Bean this past Saturday. We are going to see you there again in January.

Gerry Nemeth

On behalf of Lakewood Public Library I want to thank you again for presenting your concert here yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet you. Your show is very entertaining. We had a great turnout and everyone had a lot of fun. I do hope you will come back and entertain us in the future.

Martha Wood
Program Coordinator
Lakewood Public Library

Saturday, at the Folkatorium, was our first time to that venue and the third time hearing you sing and play -- so, are we now consider "groupies"? 
This particular evening was a real treat because Dana, Greg and David joined us for an intimate evening of wonderful music as we listened to you share your vision of this world with us.  It is refreshing that you only sing songs you've written; the diversity of subject matter and the quality of lyric and melody demonstrates your talent.  We have never been disappointed!
We look forward to the next time we can share an evening with you knowing that we'll hear great music by a personable entertainer that enjoys sharing a love of friends, family and life through story and song!
Craig and Susan

As always, Saturday’s performance (at the Folkatorium) was outstanding. I can listen to your music and voice over and over and never get tired of hearing either (and your hilarious stories!). I’ve been listening to the live CD and I love it! Looking forward to the next performance.

Kim Stone

You outdid yourself tonight at the Folkatorium, it was VERY good!


I saw you Saturday night at Scott's Folkatorium. You are AWESOME !!!!!!  I can't stop listening to your three cd's. What talent you have and your style of music is heart felt and moving. Not to mention the stories behind your songs. I relate to the Catholic up bringing. I myself am the only boy in the family but I only have 2 older sisters, I can't imagine having 7 sisters.
I am looking forward to the next time I get to be at one of your concerts. I see you making it VERY big. The next time you are in Pittsburgh, I have plenty of family that can show you around, so you don't get lost on all the one way streets. I told my Mom and sisters about your concert and they want to come to listen to you, the next time you are in Pittsburgh.
Well, you definitely have two new fans in Ohio. Greg and I are amazed at your talent and music. I love the song Sky and So Fine.

Thank you for the incredible show last night! the breadth of your talent and the essence of your voice are truly amazing! I was truly blown away by the simplicity and beauty of what you sing. I love your sound, your lyrics and I am now a fan for life!
I listened to Sky this morning and I must say . . . it was simply sweet to mill around, sip some coffee and enjoy the music! Though all of the songs are incredibly wonderful . . . my favorite is Carry on Cowboy. I love the guitar and your voice on this one! You could melt the snowcaps of the world’s coldest mountain top!
Get Up Eight, The Ride, Sky and Honeydew are other favorites. Hope and Pray made me cry! I enthusiastically wait to hear more!
I grew up listening to Jim Croce and if he could come back and let the world rediscover his voice all over again . . . he would choose you as his vehicle.
I can’t wait until I have the opportunity to hear you again . . . live!
debi cope

Mocha Maiden Musica Stage

A note to WAPS FM radio host, Tom Ball--

Thanks so much for having Jim Gill on your radio show, Bedtime Snack, tonight. I'm listening from Laramie, Wyoming. I met Jim when I travelled to BW college in conjunction with their production of The Laramie Project. The three songs Jim wrote for the show moved me beyond words. I was skeptical at first, as I'm very protective of the play and its message. I couldn't get over the thought that it would become "The Laramie Project: The Musical" and that was a very dubious idea. I must say, though, that after hearing the songs I knew in my heart they were incredible and perfectly captured the spirit of Wyoming and the play. It does my heart so much good to know that shows like yours exist and can support talented artists like Jim, helping countless people hear his powerful music.

Thanks again from the middle of nowhere,
Jim Osborn

I really enjoyed your concert at Tri-C! It was a great experience for my first live JG&F show. It's always good to hear an artist that has talent, seeing as so many big bands now have no talent or little talent whatsoever. You really opened my eyes to a new type of music. Thank you.
I can't wait to hear more of you in the future, I'll be sure to find some CD's of yours. Guaranteed.

Our staff said your show was one of the best nights of music we've had so far. We were happy to host you and thrilled you want to come back! We'd love to have you again in the coming months.

Autumn Ayers

Square Cafe, Pittsburgh

You've got a killer voice and a great style!

Nancy Lackner

Three Rivers Productions

Awesome! You made my night-- wonderful lyrics that almost made me cry (that's a good thing!) Your voice is really amazing!

Cindy from Pittsburgh

You are amazing! I was flattered to be able to open for you. Thanks so much!!

Erin Dragan

Pittsburgh musician

You're really wonderful. I loved your harmonies and effects. The songs, too!

Leslie Berry

South Carolina musician

Please come play in the south! They will love you!!

Lauren Lapointe

Savannah, GA musician

I truly enjoyed your set. You have a great passion for music and it comes through with every note that you sing and strum. It's always nice when a truly talented person graces the Lizard Lounge here in Cambridge.

Ben Willmott

Boston musician

I saw you play in the Kliest Center for the Arts at Baldwin-Wallace on April 2nd. I just wanted to say I thought your show was really good. I really enjoyed your music and stage presence. Not to mention how you handled that drinking story with your mom in the audience. I searched your website for that one song about being a second fiddle in a one man band, but I missed the title and couldn't find it, that one was my favorite.

Brad Sonenstein

An open letter to folk music lovers everywhere–

The talent of singer/songwriter Jim Gill is as rich as any I've encountered in over 50 years of music appreciation. His bandmates Ted and J are equally as talented, and as a group will make you wonder why you've not heard of them before.

Any folkies in the Ohio area would be delighted by attending a concert featuring Jim Gill & Friends or Jim Gill solo.

Louis Pastor
Poet and music aficionado

Thanks for the cd of music. It is most appreciated. Good luck with your music-making!

John Gorka

Just wanted to say thanks again for the Laramie CD and your wonderful music. I wasn't sure about it before hearing the songs, but It added a great deal to the show, and captured the spirit of Wyoming and the play VERY well. I've been listening to the CD on repeat in the car, and have been having a non-stop sing-a-long. Hope all is well in Ohio!
Jim Osburn (Friend of Matthew Shepard)
Laramie, Wyoming

I wanted to personally thank you for using your gift of music for this production of Laramie. You are a gift to us all. It is easy to see why people are so taken with your performance. I think the music is so unforgettable --we as a cast continue to hum and sing the songs throughout our day. I do look forward to hearing you sing again.

Sincerely, Linda Schneider

I really can't tell you how much we enjoyed the play (The Laramie Project). The play itself was wonderful, but the songs will mean so much more now. Truthfully, Barry and I really didn't know what to expect. After just a few minutes we realized what it was all about, and the memories of that day came flooding back.

YOU DO IT BEST!!! Your new CD from The Laramie Project is just phenomenal. Sitting in our own home, we were able to listen to it more intently. Your new songs are so poignant and moving. Your songwriting ability is over the top. I was so disappointed that I had to miss the presentation at BW, but having the CD makes up for it!


You were terrific. Performances like yours will do the First Fridays series well. A great show is the best press. I was very happy to bring your music home to my wife, who loves it as much as I do.

If you'd like a quote, here's the one I gave the press...

"Jim Gill took the stage and lovingly led our audience through the highs and lows of life. His guitar work, sensitive and clever lyrics, and warm stage presence embraced the crowd. We truly felt like we were part of an experience...a relaxed, colorful, beautiful journey, rather than mere patrons at a concert."

Michael Strong
Executive Director
The Ritz Theatre

PS - Every kid should be so lucky to have a song like "Sky" written for them.

 So good to see and hear you again at The Ritz Theatre. Made us remember all our good times on Kelleys Island. You are a natural on the island scene. But just as good on the mainland. Thanks for keeping us informed about your schedule. We'll track you down whenever we can. The friends that attended with us (the Larsens) also enjoyed your excellent performance.

Keep the world going round with your music and thoughtful lyrics.
Bonnie and Jim Boroff 

It was great to finally get the chance to relax and see you play a whole set (at Sonnet's). I really enjoyed the evening. Listening to your songs was an inspiration to me to keep on trying and writing. Ok, it was bad enough that I cried on a couple numbers, but since then, I haven't been able to get "SKY" out of my head, I guess that's the sign of a good tune, what an awesome song!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Glenn Peterhansen

Good to see you perform this past weekend at the Riverfront Coffee Mill. What's nice to see (and almost always a yardstick for me) is how well songs stand on their own without a band. Yours do! I've always liked the "I was just looking fastball, and got thrown a curve" line. Wish I could work some baseball into my lyrics.

Jim Ballard
Producer, Skylyne Studio

Thanks so much for an awesome show on Saturday at Maize Valley! It was the best birthday I've had since I was about 12 and my mom made me a castle birthday cake!  We had a blast. The newbies (my mom Betty, son Adam and his girlfriend Jen, cousin Mona, and her boyfriend Rod, Sara and Mike along with repeat fans Becky and Bill) said they enjoyed your show. Our 15-year old, Sara (who is one tough cookie), wouldn't admit she liked the show (it just wouldn't be cool to like something your MOM likes) but I saw her watching you playing the 12-string!  She plays guitar and has a 12-string.  Her friend, Mike, said he liked the show and liked the Mod Squad reference.  

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your effort and all the energy you put into your show. I think my rock-solid hubby even got a little sentimental when you played So Fine. It was a birthday I will long remember. We'll see you soon!

Kim Stone

It's Matt Reed of the Reed Clan of Wadsworth! Just wanted to drop you line to express our thanks for the great music we have listened to over the past couple of weeks. I bought both the cd's you had for sale and they have not left my cd player. I have to also thank you personally for the inspiration to start writing a few songs of my own. I pick on the guitar a little myself so who knows! The night we saw you at Sonnet's in Wadsworth I asked if you had a favorite song and you said they all were. Well, I have listened to them all and while they are all great, Sky has been played several times a day in our house, if that tells you anything. I wish I could find the tab music for it. My wife, Shelli, says I should become a roadie! Anyway, please keep doing what your doing and we will make it a point to see you play when you're close to home.

Matt, Shelli, Kailie, Gabriel, Nathan

I am listening to your AWESOME TUNES and remembering the fun we all had last night at Sonnet's. 

You are truly an ARTIST!  I am sure your family is proud of you.  You also strike me as a good person and that is so very important in this life.

My wife and I saw and heard you and your friends at Maize Valley Winery on Saturday night for the first time and we really enjoyed your music. I was the guy who first purchased your CD's. We now have played them several times at home as we relaxed and as we worked around the house and again I want to applaud you on your creativity and talent. Thank you and I look forward to
your next CD and to our next chance for a night out with your music.

Earl Stone

My wife and I throughly enjoyed listening to you (at Tri-C) and we are definitely going to attend one of the concerts that you are scheduled to perform at the winery. Your style of song writing reminds me of Harry Chapin's, because he also wrote about the people he met and his life experiences.

I don't remember the title of the song, but the one about what your friend found written in her journal by her late mother really hit home! I lost my mom in February and she left me her stories and thoughts on cassette tape! Needless to say, that song brought a lot of emotions.

Thanks, Doug Stoessner

I thoroughly enjoyed your music the other night (at Cain Park).  ItÕs the first time I've heard you play.  Not only was your music wonderful, but you are delightful when talking and telling stories to the audience.  Without a doubt, I will look for where you are playing in the near future and will see you then! 

Nancy Basso

Just a note to keep in touch! Your music fills the walls of this house often! I hope all is well with you and yours. Hey... Millersburg needs a music fix! When ya'll comin' back? I know... you've gotten so high on the ladder of success, that you've already forgotten us "little people" (grins). Please keep sending your schedule for upcoming concerts. One day... I'll find a way to travel to hear your music and "touch my heartstrings" one more time!Give your wife, and the guys in the band my best.
Till next time...

Mimi Fleming

You were, as usual, terrific, though much too brief. Gorka was very entertaining. I don't really know his music well, a gap in my education I certainly need to remedy.


For a truly professional act you have the ability to make members of the audience feel they are being played to in their own living rooms. You make it feel that personal and that special.

We can always count on a full house when Jim Gill & Friends are on the schedule.

You and your group are one of the most talented acts we are lucky enough to have playing for us at Riverfront Coffee Mill.

Kelly Steele
Venue Owner

You & your bunch are a totally POSITIVE experience & it was truly one of the best shows I've ever had here. The whole thing was most enjoyable.  Thanx again. I look forward to having you back! 

Scott T.
Owner, Scott's Folkatorium

Not only I, but my Cousin as well enjoyed the night very much.  Even with a cold, your voice was still very pleasant to listen to and your song writing talent helped bring some closeness within the heart.
It was agreed that we would start passing the word about the Folkatorium and plan on going back. Hope to see you again, if not there, one of the local spots may work just as well.
Dana Ray

Dropping you an e-mail to let you know that the CD of your Sonnet's show arrived at my home safe and sound. Jim, my husband and I have listened to the CD many times and can't get enough of it. I thought I had a couple of favorites, but I can honestly say that I love them all. Your sound equipment does an astounding job.  When we play the CD, it sounds as if you are right in our living room.  I can hardly wait until you, Ted and J are back at Sonnet's --I believe toward the end of March sometime. I want you to know that just thinking about seeing Jim Gill & Friends again kept me from getting depressed during my hospital stay. There were days when I was very scared, but I said to myself --"I gotta get out of here so I can see Jim Gill again."

Looking forward to your next show at Sonnet's. And I can't thank you enough for the CD. It will give me many, many years of listening pleasure.

A very grateful fan, Maddy
Norton, Ohio

I just wanted to write and let you know how VERY much we enjoyed the band !  It was nice to hear some new selections also!  I was so tickled to walk out of the coffee shop last night with your new CD!
My family thoroughly enjoyed the music!!!
Jonathan and Jerry got the biggest kick out of the attention you gave them last night!  I haven't laughed that hard in a loooooong time!
It was especially nice to meet your family!  Your wife seems so very sweet and your little girl "Sky" is just precious!  I almost cried when she went up on stage to hug her Daddy! 
I hope all goes well for you and your band! Take good care and please stay in touch. I have to go now because I have a new CD to listen to!

Mimi Fleming
Millersburg, Ohio

I enjoyed playing with you guys up at Mikes Place.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your new CD SKY. I'm getting the other band members into it along with my kids. When I hear the song SKY... it brings back such good memories!!! The other songs are just as good, too!!

You are very gifted and talented, and your voice is a welcome relief for that long drive home after a long day at work!! Hopefully our bands will hook up again soon!

I will follow your schedule and try to get to a local venue.

Steve Urbon
(Percussionist-drummer for AMERICAN STEAL)

The Thrill of the Gill is now an ever present influence to my mind set as the rhymes and reasons of Sky play on in my head. Thanks for the wake up and listen to the world around me call and the smile that goes with it again. Inspiration. I hope all is well in your world Jim and nice to have heard you the other night and I am anxious for new tunes having heard something at the Spider not on record for my listening pleasure. And my wife was there with me and loved the noise you make which I could not have figured as she is not out in it at all anymore. Cat Stevens was her comparison for you which will send you somewhere I am not sure of.

Timothy Tudor Ogan

It is the ultimate compliment to you, believe me, that it was my wife's idea to come and see you in Wadsworth last night --as she is very selective about live music! Seriously, Carol was part of the focus survey for the "Friends" TV show pilot, and she predicted it would become a number one television hit, as it did. Well, after hearing you, she predicts youÕll become a star! I was so inspired from your show, that I went home and wrote a poem. Honest to God.

(Guitarist with AlterEgo)

I just wanted to let you know how glad I am that I happened to come across the advertisement about your show in The Trading Post.  You put on a wonderfully entertaining performance.  I really think I could turn into a Groupie of yours.  Looking forward to your next engagement at Sonnett's.  What a nice little place.  It has the feel of a coffeehouse in New England.

My friends and I love your band. I love the music. Your are extremely talented and instead of stupid prattle you actually have something to say. I respect anyone who does not believe in separating people because of differences and who promotes peace and love. I think everyone should give people more of a chance. I do the stereotype thing but I try to remember that when you give someone a chance they will have more in common with you than you may have thought they could. Your songs actually make people think about things. Some of them make you serious and some of them make you joyous. The best thing about music is that fact that it brings out emotion and yours truly does that. Your band members rock too. My friends go crazy when they do their solos. You have a great combo going on.


What a dandy CD this is! Very impressive and, more importantly, excessively entertaining. Well done lads!

Honest appraisal: All the new tracks - A-OK. Love the harmonica on "Honeydew" (thank you Tony P. - see, someone reads the liner notes!), but miss J's percussion variations between stanzas. Six of one, half a dozen of the other I suppose - don't know if including both would have worked any better. "Crazytown" and "Hammer Of A Hurricane" rock! Had my Bic lighter raised the whole time! Arrangements on "Sky", "You Don't Know Me Now"' and "I'll See You In Dreams" are right on the money. Sequencing of songs on the CD works very well, the sound, mood, etc. of each song enhanced by the lead-in tune and follow up number. The art design for the album cover, back, and interior is stunning; where did you get the front cover photo? One criticism: only 12 songs!

Someone, maybe even you, told me you are considering a live CD next. Could not be happier to hear it. As wonderful as SKY is, Jim Gill and Friends is one of those rare musical acts whose live performances provide the essential musical experience for that band.
Keep on keepin' on!

My brother, also named Jim Gill, directed me to your site. He said you 2 have talked. I like your music! You have a lot of Celtic style as well as American folk 60's style plus an alluring, deep voice. Great talent! Do ya think maybe we could be related? Keep up such wonderful work.


I wanted to let you know that on my way back from Japan I sat next to Tiger Okoshi. He is a professional Jazz trumpeter and is a professor of music at Berklee College of Music. I had him listen to your album Sky from my Ipod. He liked it and told me to tell you so!
Earl Stone

How goes it? I really enjoyed your concert at CCC. You continue to amaze me with your vast talent and showmanship.


I heard glowing reports from my staff about your show....well done!! I would love to have you back next June for another performance!

Bob Ellis
Western Campus Theater Coordinator
Cuyahoga Community College

Hey, I got the CD in the mail. I was gone all day yesterday, so I only got to listen to the first 5 songs, but...WOW! I love the way "Sky" sounds -- you did a great job of arranging and mixing that! I love "All Is Made To Fade" -- and I love singing along to it, too. I fell in love with your voice on "You Don't Know Me Now" -- it really had a ton of emotion in it as well as sounding gorgeous. Reminded me a little of Justin Hayward from the Moody Blues.


Sorry its taken me so long to reply especially since my response to SKY was nothing but positive... Connie sounded the best I've ever heard her and while I liked your first CD - Bob gave me that one as well, the instrumental additions are great.  Great blends, nice variety of sounds,  still with an eye on the 'copy sells' kind of lyric!  It feels like you've found some talent that compliments yours and respects what you've done so far.  Your lyrics - What a storyteller you still are... and I loved all the liner proud and so happy for you.
The CD is currently circulating around our department... helping to augment your fan base.

I really want to tell you that I think your performances and your pieces are awesome.  I bought the new CD (yeah, it's done) and played it Sunday.

I played it on my drive to work Monday and listened to the words.  You are truly an artist and I'm just not saying that. The whole collection is awesome.

Your music is the best.


and i thought MY brain was a popcorn popper!! deb and i really enjoyed the show you and the lads put on. i only recently met ted, but i think he's a great guy. you have a good stage presence and seem very comfortable with the mike. hard to believe you were once shy. anyway, just thought i'd get back to you. deb and i plan on making a trip to the island to see you guys this summer.

mike bunn
(guitarist with Thursday Night)

I am sitting hear doing my daily job hunt routine and I am listening to So Fine. I just had to drop you a note to say that Lucky Boy is truly a great song. If you could get this in the hands of Tom Russel or Joan Baez, it might be a real break. At any rate, thanks for giving me such great music to work to.

Bill Osburn

Enyoyed last nights performance!! We love to hear you perform. Gosh, what a lot of talent you have. We look forward to seeing and hearing you next time.

Carolyn and Dick

I can't tell you the pleasant surprise it is to have your cds running without stop since I put them into my car cd player which had been empty without inspiration for quite some time until these disks filled my ears with thoughts and feelings long left behind. I feel your feelings and share your points of view quite magically as I listen, and yes, learn the lyrics to one song after another. The vision of the stories of life you have penned together give me perspective like so few songs today can do. I am not sure if you have heard yourself coined as the Harry Chapin of the new millennium, or the new Chris Isaak, or a born again Jim Croce, but if not, let those comparisons be on target and let you stand as musically unique today and socially significant as they have been before you. You have earned the right to be held in the same light by virtue of your style, character and real talent.


Good to hear from you. We also have a few fond memories (yes we do remember a little) of the island and KIB. In fact, if I hadn't spent so much on beer and fuel this year I could afford the BF clinic instead of this dump I have been committed to. We look forward to seeing you again next year and to the release of your new CDs.

Bill Osburn

The only time I got to hear you play reminded me of Glass Harp, updated of course, but wow! How great it was to see and hear such talent.

J Johnson

Thanks for the amusing email! You're right, there are great people at that pub and I can't wait till next summer. In the meantime, where will you guys be playing? Peter and I would love to come out and see you again.


We all enjoyed your music tremendously! I can't wait to hear the new stuff next summer! Tell everyone in the band including spouses I said Hi!!!


I really only had a chance to over analyze the first song on the CD so far this morning on the way to work. The verdict - it's a thing of absolute beauty, a piece of art, a love song of epic proportions...I can't say enough good things about it. It choked me up.

You have a real talent for songwriting.

Seriously - that first song is one of my favorite songs I've ever heard.

See ya next time you're at the Barking Spider.

Thanks again for the good tunes.


Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for all the effort that you put into your playing here at the Kelleys Island Brewery.  Your music was not only a great business perk this summer, but it also added an element to our Brewery that was needed.  It was a pleasure to get to know you all, watch you perform and entertain new and returning customers week after week. 

We spoke of the risks that bar owners take when they bring the live entertainment in.  My vision was only accentuated by your presence here.  You worked hard to bring people into our place and to keep them there.  Our numbers showed that consistently, and for that you will be paid in beer, forever. (Just kidding)

Your music matched our flair for the quality product.  I don't know how else to say it.  Your entertainment style is original, funny, a joy to the ears, and I feel blessed to have had a band of your calliber at my establishment.  I know you will go far.

Patti, Doug Jay and The Crew

I really enjoyed the weekend at Kelley's. We are so glad that we came. I was so touched by the song that you wrote. I had no idea that you had me in mind when you were writing that new song and when I heard my name I was joyously surprised. I have been trying all day to put into words how I felt but realized that it is a rare joy indeed that can't be put into words adequately. It is a feeling that will forever be a part of me. I love you.


I just sent the following message to Matt Watroba at WDET FM in Michigan.
Bill Osburn

I spent some time on the Lake Erie islands this summer and discovered a great trio playing outdoors at the Kelleys Island Brewery. They even sounded good when I was sober. I suggested that Jim Gill send you some of his music. I believe he has done that. I hope you like it and that you will give him some air play. I suggest listening to "Bracero", a Phil Ochs tune and "Dreaming Indigo" an original tune written by Jim. My daughter's favorite is "Angels".

Keep playing the great music. You are essential to our culture and roots music.


It was nice to see you and everyone else last night. Your personality has a humorous, witty side and a serious, down-to-business side and both sides are well-represented in your songwriting.  I know that I can easily tell when you're serious and when you're joking and it's always been that way.  So don't worry about people leaving there with mixed emotions.  Everyone laughed, clapped and enjoyed the music.

I just love "Get up Eight."  What a great song, but then again all of your songs are great.  I've said this before, but the stories in your songs are so relatable.  Keep up the good work!!


It was great to see you and the guys play again (even without the warm sun, cool grass and beer!). Thanks for welcoming us. I was disappointed to walk in towards the end of So Fine - it's one of my favorites. I was going to request it again towards the end, as I'm sure your wife wouldn't have minded being serenaded twice in one night, but I got the impression the manager wanted to clear the place. Oh well. I have the CD to hold me over until you're at Coventry, and I'm glad the guy was gracious enough to have you play there. It is a nice venue, you were right. The sound was spectacular.

It was also a nice treat to see your wife and Sky there - it makes your songs and stories even more meaningful. Peter and I were entertained by your political comments. Hey, we might as well be opinionated! I particularly agreed with your stance on the immigrants - I'm one myself, you know (Argentina), and I was just in Mexico when Bush proposed his new plan. There was a lot of ridicule and opposition to it, of course. Anyway, Bracero is a great song too - they all are. Really!

So we're looking forward to the new CD!


You and the band were the class of the party. You sounded fabulous, and the energy level never flagged, which means everything at a party. Got to run, but I wanted to tell you that you guys were great!

Pat F.

My fiancé Ronni and I enjoyed your music.  We had heard about you through one of my friends, Jamie Carr.  We invited our friend Shawn from church and got away from wedding planning for a while.  I particularly liked the song "Sky".  I look forward to seeing you again sometime.

Kevin Schaack

Great time last night. Thanks! You have 2 more to add to your list of groupies.... Kim & Ed Are you making any more of the live CD? I'd like to get one for Kim & Ed. They bought the So Fine one.
Tell the guys we said Thanks and we needed our "fix" of Jim Gill & Friends!


You're a dream. Isn't it refreshing that we enjoy "live" rather than TV. I'm sure you will agree - from one smart party chooser to another. We had an absolutely wonderful time at your show. We intended to stay for maybe an hour - I had been up really late the night before getting ready for a committee meeting for a dog walk and I was exhausted. Your music soothed everything. You have true blue fans in Wooster.

I love SKY, almost as much as SO FINE. You are very talented.

You are twisted, demented and so fun to be around!

AJ Mowrer

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